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Driving Lessons In Hyde Tameside And Stockport


Driving Lessons In Hyde Tameside And Stockport

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Driving Lessons In Hyde Tameside And Stockport

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Driving Lessons In Hyde Tameside And Stockport

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So you have decided to learn to drive or maybe you have already started but for whatever reason had to stop , or you may have taken your test and failed or you may have not driven for some time and have lost your confidence.

Now its time to choose a driving school , You want an instructor who is patient and calm while you are learning ,you need an instructor who will adapt your lessons to suit the way you learn , you want an in instructor who will be reliable and turn up for your lessons and not keep cancelling,You want an instructor who will make sure you are fully prepared for your test.

Here at Stuart Davies Driving School We will make sure you get all the above and more just call 07725 523446 to get started

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Just passed my test, thanks to Stuart’s excellent tuition. He is very knowledgeable and gives good instruction. He is also calm, friendly and inspires confidence. He was great, not just for learning how to pass your test but actually teaching you to drive on your own. I would highly recommend him.

Sam Of Cheadle

Stuart is an amazing driver instructor with a lot of patience! He is always willing to go the extra step to help out his pupils! I would 100% recommend Stuart for anyone learning to drive.

Georgia Of Stockport

I can’t speak highly enough of having Stuart as my driving instructor. He is a very patient and understanding person and at no point will he make anyone feel uncomfortable or pressured if they make a mistake. I had failed my test twice before with a different instructor and then 3 years later I decided to take my lessons again, this time with Stuart. I felt very at ease and knew that this time, I was going to pass no matter what. I spent 4 months learning with Stuart and passed my theory and practical first time and felt so confident going in for my test. 100% recommend to anyone looking to drive!

Katie Of Hyde

I cannot recommend Stuart highly enough! A fantastic Instructor, incredibly patient, kind and full of knowledge. Stuart has been an amazing support when I never thought I’d pass my test! If you’re looking for an Instructor then look no further!

Beth Of Hyde

Huge congratulations to my pupil Isabelle Hancock for getting a brilliant first time pass at Bredbury Test Center this morning , well done and I look forward to seeing you out on the road 🚙🚗🚘 ... See MoreSee Less
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THE REALITY OF LEARNING TO DRIVEBefore anyone makes the decision to learn to drive, please consider the following points that I’m about to make. 1; You are learning to operate a machine that if used or operated incorrectly, or irresponsibly can result in serious injury or, even worse fatality. 2; Your learning process will not be simple, quick or cheap. The co-ordination and spatial awareness takes time to develop - particularly to a point where it becomes second nature. 3; As the driver you are legally responsible the vehicle, yourself and equally responsible for the safety of others. Being a learner driver doesn’t excuse you of these responsibilities - nor does it make you immune from prosecution if laws are broken. 4; The importance of knowing your subject matter should not be underestimated or taken lightly. The theory test isn’t just an obstacle on the way to your practical test. Revise thoroughly and aim to pass with the highest score possible. The more knowledge that you learn and retain can potentially make a massive difference to all round safety. 5: We are all individuals who learn at different rates. Friends or family may have reached the standard more quickly, but don’t treat the learning process as a competition. Equally guard against becoming demoralised if you’re taking longer to learn than you thought. Don’t let pride get in the way of safety. 6; Always listen to your Instructor, and take on board their advice. An Instructor’s advice is more likely to be correct and up to date than that of friends or family - no matter how well meaning. Your Instructor is also the best person to advise you of when you’re ready to take a test. 7; When you have passed your test please remember that a test pass means that you’re safe enough to continue learning on your own. It takes years of experience to become a truly good driver, so never assume that you’re the finished article. ... See MoreSee Less
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Reverse parking manoeuvre in non DVSA car parks on driving testsFrom 9 May DVSA can use non-DVSA car parks for the reverse park into a parking bay manoeuvre if it is assessed on a driving test. This change is being introduced across all driving test centres following a successful trial in February and March 2022. The change gives the option for reverse parking to be assessed on all driving tests, not just those taken at driving tests centres with a car park. Following on from a successful trialThe trial took place at 15 driving test centres earlier in the year for car driving tests and ADI part 2 tests.The feedback was positive from driving examiners, approved driving instructors and candidates who’s tests were included as part of the trial. Examiners will use car parks that are currently used for testing the forward park. You need to let your pupils know about the change and we will contact all of your pupils who have a test booked in the first four weeks of the change coming in to place ... See MoreSee Less
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Always remember to check before opening your car door check your mirror , take a look over your shoulder so you cover your blindspot. ... See MoreSee Less
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The Highway Code has been changed to introduce a hierarchy of road users. Irrespective of how you travel, those who can do the greatest harm have the greatest responsibility to reduce the danger or threat they may pose to others. Check the changes, let’s keep each other safe. #HighwayCode ... See MoreSee Less
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The Highway Code has changed. You now should give people crossing, or waiting to cross, and cycling straight ahead priority when turning in and out of junctions. Check the changes, let’s keep each other safe. #HighwayCode ... See MoreSee Less
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The New Highway Code RulesThe Highway Code changes come into effect today. ⚠️ The updates will continue to promote safety on the road and help pave the way to healthy, sustainable and active communities. 🚦 Learn more on the 50 rules that have been added or updated: gov.uk/dft/highwaycodechanges 📘 #HighwayCode #RoadSafetyTHINK Road SafetyDriver & Vehicle Standards Agency ... See MoreSee Less
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