Ok you have decided to learn to drive and that is a great decision , A driving licence will give you so much freedom and independance it really is life changing.

First thing to do is apply for your provisional driving licence and you can do that by following this link

Once you have done that and your licence has arrived you need to find a driving instructor that will be good for you and will ensure that you will have covered all the areas you need to pass your test.

Make sure they are fully trained and have a green badge this means they are DVSA Approved and qualified to give you driving lessons.

You want an instructor that knows the test center area and all the pitfalls but an instructor that will make sure you can drive anywhere not just near your test centre on the “test routes”

Next start thinking about your commitment to your lessons , the best way to progress well is to make sure you take your lesson every week .Research shows that people who take a regular lesson each week get to test much faster.So although it may be fun to go out for the evening with your friends and end up spending to much then not being able to afford your lessons this will impact how fast you take your test.

Maybe you need to get your licence fast maybe you need it for a new job or opportunity if that is the case give us a call and we could look at offering you an intensive course with several hours per week , Please note these are only available occasionally due to our busy lessons but call 07725 523446 to find out if we can help.

This is also a good time to start thinking about your theory test as studies show that if you pass your theory test early you will learn the practical skills faster making better progress in your lessons .

You can get free copy’s of the highway code online and their are lots of apps available for your smartphone to help you revise and dont forget your instructor is always ready to help

When you are ready to book your test you can do it here.