So now you need to look at the cost of your driving lessons , Now we may not be the cheapest price in our area but remember when comparing lesson prices to do some research. remember cheap driving lessons can cost far more in the long run as you may take longer to pass leading to taking more and more lessons.

We will give you one to one tuition at all times with no picking up or dropping off of other pupils during lessons , We wont spend an age sat by the side of the road talking about driving as thats not how you will learn to drive , You will always get your full lesson time and if we are late we will always make up the time.Your instructor will be fully trained not a trainee instructor .We wont extend your lessons when we know you are ready for test.

We wont offer you a guaranteed pass as no driving school can offer you this no matter what they might promise to get you on board.

All these things can be used by poor driving schools so choose carefully.

Here are our prices

1 Hour Lesson £35

1.5 Hour Lesson £52.50

2 Hour Lessons £70

Super Saver 10 Hours For £300 Paid In Advance.

Spaces are always in demand so call 07725 523446 to book in now.