Keep It regular

And I dont mean with plenty of fibre in your diet !

I quite often get asked for advice on making the best progress when you are training for your driving test and of course there are the normal things such as listening to your instructor and taking their advice and getting as much practice as you can but one thing really helps and that’s doing regular lessons.

My clients that take lessons every week and that rarely cancel make the best progress and get to test faster ,Yes sometimes life gets in the way and emergency’s can happen both to you and your instructor.

Remember when you spend your cash on your driving lessons you are investing in yourself and a regular lesson helps that investment . I know its tempting when you get invited out down town or you fancy that expensive new phone or maybe just one more takeaway but if you find you are unable to afford your lesson and cancel it will hold back your development.

Remember why you are learning to drive , think of the independence and freedom its going to give you ,also remember when you do cancel your instructor has reserved that space in their diary for you and may not be able to replace that business , no instructor can afford constant cancellations and will have to stop working with you meaning your looking for a new instructor.

So if you want to make good steady progress do your lesson each week and progress to test at a good rate looking back you will be so glad you did.

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